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Lumber City Athletics

Our team of fitness and nutrition professionals are invested in your health. We make every decision with our members’ well-being in mind. Achieve your goals with us!

The Team


Byron Hardy

Weightlifting Coach

Byron has done it all, from bodybuilding to powerlifting, and even gymnastics. He’s passionate about fitness and wants to help you achieve your fitness goals. No matter what your current level, he’ll find the perfect program and create a diet plan that works for you.


Kari Robinson

Fitness Coach

Although yoga may seem contrary to the high intensity of our group classes, our classes perfectly complement your other workout experiences improving your flexibility. We have experienced instructors to guide you through lessons.


Mel Daniels

Nutrition Coach

Mel Daniels has competed in numerous events. She lives and breathes the sport and loves sharing her knowledge and passion with others. Mel believes that the critical element to success is determination and hard work, which is why she’s gotten a reputation as one of our gym’s most intense coaches.

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